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We Provide Only Exclusive Internet Leads

Tele-Center provides you with two types of exclusive internet leads; Hosted Form Internet leads and Opt-in Internet Leads. The internet leads we offer are exclusive only! We do not get involved in semi-exclusive internet leads, because they are too expensive for the closing opportunities they provide to our clients.

Read further, and you will see why the internet leads we provide are not just different, but better than those provided by other internet lead providers.

Hosted Form Internet Leads

The best internet leads on the market, by far, are the Hosted Form Internet Leads we offer to our clients! Hosted Form Internet leads are generated from a banner advertisement and landing page that is created just for your company and your specific program, containing your offer and even your company logo, if you like. You have editorial control of the banner and landing page content, and leads are sent to you in "real-time", so you know no other company is getting your leads. They are exclusive!

Pricing and Quality Advantage of Our Hosted Form Internet Leads

As important as exclusivity, the Hosted Form internet leads we provide will usually be less expensive than even the semi-exclusive leads provided by other internet lead providers. The reason for this price advantage is most internet lead providers do not generate their own leads. They purchase them from other sources and then mark them up and resell them to their clients. Usually, however, they don't stop there. These leads are then resold, again and again, usually as semi-exclusive internet leads, and sometimes, as many have unaware clients have discovered, even as exclusive leads. That can't happen with the Hosted Form approach we offer, because the message is uniquely yours, generated from your own customized banner and landing page that has been created just for you.

Less Expensive and Better Quality and Quantity Than Pay-Per-Click

If you have ever tried Pay-Per-Click advertising, you know the drill; Choose keywords, make bids, pay for every click, and only a small percentage of those that click ever call or fill in your lead form. Even when you do get an actual lead, the prospective customer "back clicks" and does the same thing with the other twenty of your competitors that are advertising the same keywords. Talk about non-exclusivity and high costs per conversion! On the other hand...because of our strategic placements of your Hosted Form banners, on potentially thousands of internet sites, when a prospect sees and clicks on you banner your competitors are nowhere in the vicinity, and you only pay for a conversion (a completed lead form), not just for a click on you banner. As a result, you will save money and only pay for real leads. Additionally, we can get you more leads, by far, than Pay-Per-Click providers. We think that's a less expensive and better approach.

How To Get Started

It will take 5-7 days to get your program up and running. First, we will get your banner ad and landing page created and approved by you. There is no additional cost for this service. It is included in the per-lead price. Once the creative process is completed, we will begin to place your ad on the appropriate number of sites to generate the number of leads you wish to receive per day. It's that simple.

Minimum Test Order and Ongoing Order Requirements The toughest part of getting your program up and running is all behind the scenes and performed for you. We have to make sure your banner ad is placed on the appropriate sites where your ad will generate the best leads for you. This takes expert analysis of your target market and contacting the appropriate web masters. For this reason, your minimum order must be for 7 days @ 50 leads per day (350 leads). Ongoing, your sales team must be able to handle at least 50 leads per day.

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Tele-Center provides you
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Exclusive Internet Leads!

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Tele-Center provides you with Exclusive Internet Leads!

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