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VoIP Hosted Call Center Systems

Tele-Center works with over 600 call centers, worldwide, so we understand what it takes to make a call center profitable.

If you are starting a new call center, expanding your existing call center, or an existing call center just trying to save money, you should explore a hosted call center system for your call center or telemarketing operation.

And when you do, Tele-center can provide you with the information you need about hosted call center systems and also provide you with instant access to a pre-qualified call center system provider...and our service to you is FREE!

Many Large Call Centers Already Use VoIP Hosted Systems

Most of the largest and best known call centers and telemarketing companies in the world are already using hosted VOIP systems because they are easier to use and almost eliminate the need to purchase or lease expensive call center equipment and systems.

Hosted Call Center Systems Can Save You Money

The cost savings of using a hosted call center system can be dramatic and, based upon the number of seats you have, or are planning, the monthly costs can range from $250-$300 per seat, per month, including long-distance telecommunication charges…and your additional savings on IT development and implementation costs can be huge!

Hosted Call Center Systems are Easy To Set-Up and Use

Perhaps, just as important as cost savings is that the right hosted system is easy to set up and use. The hosted call centers system development company we work with will help you to set up the system for a nominal fee or for free. Support for the system is maintained by the provider, so programming and all other functions are maintained by the provider and not your internal support structure.

Here are just a few of the features you get with a hosted system :
  • Inbound Fax
  • Web Scripting
  • SIP device
  • Call Worldwide
  • CRM Screen Pop
  • Voicemail
  • Real-Time Stats
  • Predictive Calling
  • DNC/Blacklist
  • Queue Mgmt
  • 3-Party Calling
  • IVR
  • VoIP
  • Call Monitoring
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Web-based
  • Blended Agents
  • Call Recording
  • PBX extensions
  • DID & toll-free numbers
  • 24/7 support over a toll-free number
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